Abri-Form Original M4, Briefs (all-in-one diaper), Medium

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Abri-Form Original M4 is part of the complete range of all-in-one diapers for moderate to heavy incontinence designed to give optimum leakage security for highly demanding situations. Our Original Adult Briefs range offers the full top-end quality and uncompromising selection of special sizes and top-of-the-line functionality. The Abri-Form Original M4 is a comfort brief in a discreet white color. This brief offers a plastic-back or moisture-proof lining and is fully waterproof for maximum security. Additionally the briefs feature a wetness indicator and super-absorbent microbeads. They also offer re-fastenable hook tabs and curved leg elastics like adult diapers for a fit that stays in place and helps you, or those you love, stay confident and comfortable and dry.

Made in Denmark

Absorbency: 3600 ml

Hip size: 28 to 43"

Bag: 14 pieces

Case: 3 bags/case (42 pieces/Case)