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Abri-San® Normal 4 Air Plus Pad
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Abri-San 4 Normal Air Plus Pad - 8.2" x 17.3" - Absorbs 800ml - Adhesive Strip - Bag
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Detailed Description

Normal 4 - 8.2" x 17.3" - Absorbs 800ml - Adhesive Strip

The Abri-San® range forms a complete system for all degrees of incontinence. The pads shown on this website have all been designed to meet the demands of moderate to heavy incontinence, and should be used together with special fitting underwear. Security, mobility and comfort have been the key aims in developing this range to help deliver Abena's over-all objective of improving the quality of life.

Product Info:

1. The anatomical shape combined with a soft elastic border ensures a snug fit, this increasing comfort and security.

2. The use of long cellulose fibers, superabsorbent polymers, a unique fiber separation technique, and an additional core in the center provide for maximum absorption, strength and dispersion of the liquid absorbed.

3. A Top-Dry acquisition layer and embossed channels assist this process, while increasing dryness and user comfort.

4. Soft, highly repellent and reliable leakage barriers, extending right to the edge, ensure unrivalled leakage protection in all situations. On the bigger pads, a built-in cross barrier offers optimum protection against rear leakage.

5. An external wetness indicator facilitates the work of care staff.

6. Air Plus breathable textile-like back sheet provides increased comfort and minimizes the risk of skin irritation. Both heat and humidity penetrates the Air Plus Backing faster than plastic backing. This means reduced risk of skin irritations and uncomfortable temperatures. In addition, the new backing is soft and noiseless.

7. The white backsheet with the printed color code offers optimum discretion.

Size: 8.2" x 17.3"

Absorbs 800ml

Package Size: 28/Bg

Unit Of Sale: Bag

Manufacturer: Abena

Medicare Covered? N/A

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