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Abri-San Special FAQ

• How many people suffer from fecal incontinence? 

It’s a vastly under reported but fairly common

problem. Studies show that around 4% of all adults from time to time suffer from faecal

incontinence and up to 50% of residents living in nursing homes.

• What are the consequences of faecal incontinence? 

For the end user, embarrassing situations due to

leakage have a negative impact on their quality of life and often lead to social isolation.

In institutions faecal incontinence is often associated with considerable costs for cleaning up

after “accidents” with leakage, and for containment and care.

• What is the problem with the incontinence products already available on the market?

The main problem is that conventional incontinence products do not provide sufficient leakage

security. And the high frequency of changing with faecal incontinence creates pressure on product


• What is unique about Abri-San Special? Leakage barriers with deep pockets keep faeces

contained even when released under pressure. Extra strength elastics in the rear part designed

to minimise the risk of leakage. Breathable back-sheet improves the condition of stressed


• Why is Abri-San Special based on the two-piece system? 

This is the most cost efficient solution which is

very important with this type of incontinence where the frequency of changing can be very


• Why is Abri-San Special green? 

It is green to clearly differentiate between Abri-

San Special and our conventional incontinence products and thereby minimise the risk of care

staff selecting the wrong product.

• Can Abri-San Special also hold urine? 

Up to 2.000 ml according to ISO 11948-1.

Therefore it is also suitable for both urinary

and faecal incontinence.

• Does Abri-San Special in any way reduce bad odour?

As the product contains superabsorbent, it will to a certain extent reduce bad odour. But it is

very difficult to completely eliminate odour from faeces: It’s possible to use active carbon but the

effect is limited and it’s extremely expensive. When the pad contains faeces it should be

changed immediately and this is also the only effective way to remove bad odour.

• Has this new solution been tested properly? 

There were clinical trials in 10 countries including 

Great Britain and all with extremely positive feedback. The unique barrier system works in practice 

and endusers and carers have been asking for the product since they first tested it!

• Is Abri-San Special expensive?

The solution is based on the two-piece-system(Abri-San) to keep costs down and the price

per unit is only slightly higher than for a comparableconventional shaped pad. But it’s

 extremely important to talk about cost in use. If you can reduce costs for washing and cleaning

up after leakage it’s costsaving and therefore very cost-effective in use.