LivDry Super Overnight Protective Underwear, Large

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LivDry Protective Underwear is the best balanced protective underwear for adults. The three most important features required for an adult incontinence product are leak protection, comfortable fit and absorbency. LivDry has barrier leg cuffs that offer the highest protection against leakage. Its cloth-like stretch panels contour to the body for a very comfortable fit. Its unique two-layer Super Absorbent Gel Core quickly locks in fluid to prevent odor, protect skin and provide peace of mind. When it comes to cost effectiveness of adult incontinence products, choosing a poor-quality product that requires more changes per day is not the best option. A high-quality product, like LivDry, requires less changes and creates less environmental waste. Consuming less pieces per day can save you money and help the environment. Manufactured in North Carolina, USA.

Made in the USA

Absorbency: 1250 ml

Hip size: 40-54"